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Hello! Thanks for taking time to read my Botany guide. You may notice it is set up using the same format as Connor Stone's Mining Guide, this is intentional for your ease of reading. The two of us spent a great deal of time together (online), compiling data for DoL, and this is your taste of the results.

Before I start, I will share a little about my background. I have been an avid Final Fantasy player since FFI, and have completed each title with great attention to detail, excepting FFXI, where I did not continue ToAU or beyond. In 1.0, I played since launch, with nary a break except for time to 'platinum' in FFXIII-2. When others found the original XIV bugged and unplayable, I always found a way to remain entertained and involved. As of now I am 50 in every class, with 1 Relic and 11 Luminaries to my name. Progress... always a moving target, it is.

I have spent long periods of time during beta, trying to understand the workings of Botany, while at the same time getting all the information for the Logging & Harvesting nodes you can find on XIVDB maps.

I was the person who identified the node locations and plotted them on the map. From all the data gathered I found patterns between Clusters, Locations, Bonuses, Loot, Stats, etc.

Please Note: this guide is not complete as there is information missing due to content that is not yet available, and I will be adding that information when I can. If you notice any useful data that is missing from this guide, please feel free to comment, and I will do my best to add it, so as to provide broader insight to the Botanist Class. [1]

Unlock the Botanist Class

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Before you can start logging you first have to be able to become a Botanist. How you do this is make sure you have a main class to the level of 10 or higher, and you must also complete the level 10 class quest for your original class.

Once you have completed your level 10 class quest, you will be granted the option to change classes. For the next step, you need to make your way to Gridania... unless of course you are already there. Once in Gridania, make your way to the Botanist's Guild, located at the Greatloam Growery in Old Gridania, as shown in the image to the left.

Inside the Botanist's Guild you should meet Leonceault, the Guild Registrar.

Speaking with him will initiate the quest to become a Botanist. I am not going to hold your hand though the quest, I am sure you will know what you need to do by now.

Congratulations! You can now become a Botanist, by merely equipping your hatchet.

Basic Information

There are a couple of things I will let you know about in advance, though they will be explained in the quests as well. Once you activate Triangulate , you will be able to see logging points in your minimap. You will see 2 different icons while you are gathering. These icons are:-

DuuudeMatureTree.png - Mature Tree (Requires Hatchet)

DuuudeLushVegitation.png - Lush Vegetation (Requires Scythe)

These icons will only show on your minimap and not your main map.

The Botanist main-hand tool is the Hatchet, and is used on Mature Tree nodes. This tool associated with the following stats:

  • Gathering
  • Perception
  • DEX
  • Elemental Resistances - DuuudeFire.png DuuudeIce.png DuuudeWater.png DuuudeThunder.png DuuudeEarth.png DuuudeWind.png

The Botanist Off-Hand tool is the Scythe, and is used on Lush Vegetation nodes. This tool is associated with the following stats:

  • Gathering
  • Perception
  • INT

Botany and Stats

Stats for a Botanist are different in ARR when comparing to those in 1.0. The 3 main stats are:

  • Gathering - affects your gathering success rate
  • Perception - affects you HQ chance rate
  • GP - Increases your GP pool (recommend a minimum of 500)

There are other stats that you need to take into consideration too but only when it comes to Node Bonuses. These bonuses are:

  • Gathering Fortune +5% (Increased HQ chance)
  • Gathering Rate +10% (Increased gathering success chance)
  • Gathering Attempts +1 (Number of strikes)
  • Gathering Yield +1 (Number of items gathered per strike)

Node bonuses are bonuses that are gained when you have a stat greater than or equal to the requirement. The higher the node grade the higher the stat requirement. For Botany, the stats required for these bonuses are:-

DEX, INT Elemental Resistances - DuuudeFire.png DuuudeIce.png DuuudeWater.png DuuudeThunder.png DuuudeEarth.png DuuudeWind.png Gathering Perception With my time populating all the botany nodes on the XIVDB maps I did find a pattern between the stats and bonuses, here is how the bonuses and stats link:-

  • STR, DEX, VIT, MND, INT, PIE = Gathering Attempts
  • Elemental Resistances = Gathering Yield
  • Gathering = Gathering Rate +10%
  • Perception = Gathering Fortune +10%

These bonuses will stack with the bonuses gained from your abilities. It is also worth noting that elemental resists and DEX / INT seem to only be applicable for the node bonuses, and serve no additional purpose at this time.

Node Bonus Information


The image shows that the Lv15 Mature Tree will give a bonus of Gathering Fortune (HQ Chance +10%) and to receive this bonus you need to have Perception of 62 or higher. If you achieve the requirement then when you start on the node you will get a message you received the bonus.

GP Regeneration

You will regenerate your GP as a reward for successful attempts while logging or harvesting this is 5GP per success attempt regardless of the item quality. The rate of GP does not increase with chain successes

While idle, in order to regain GP, you must be in passive mode (tool is not in your hand), the gain is 5GP per tick.

I also believe that there are no GP regen items and that there are no plans for such items to be added, although this is merely speculation.

HQ Logging and Harvesting

In the past (back in FFXIV 1.0) I have been asked when a Botanist should think about focusing on HQ items. While everyones' play style is different, I would personally recommend waiting until Level 50, putting together an ideal set of equipment, and then begin focusing on the elusive 'HQ'. For any lower level example in which you need HQ, such as quests, gear can be helpful (but cost can add up quickly...) and patience is almost always necessary.

For HQ logging & harvesting you need to have a lot of perception over the minimum requirement. You can see information on this when you use the skill Preparation you should see something like the image below.


Lets take look at the list's Gridanian Chestnut. The Minimum requirement of perception needed to start increasing your HQ chance is 30. When you have 30 perception you gain 1% HQ chance, and the more perception you have, the more HQ % chance you gain. The formula for Perception to HQ chance is not yet known at this time.

HQ and Caps

There is a cap wherein perception can affect the HQ chance, which is 15%. With the node bonus Gathering Fortune and also the abilities Leaf Turn or Leaf Turn II you can increase the cap further as these effects do stack with each other.

With capped HQ chance from Perception + Gathering Fortune + Leaf Turn II you can get a total of 50% HQ chance but you will have to wait till your GP is over 350 to use Leaf Turn II again.

After some testing with perception it appears you need around 80-95 perception over the minimum requirement to reach the cap for HQ chance. This is a rough estimate and not exact figures.

Ultimately, you need to have success first, to be able to build up your chances of getting HQ. This section will be refined later when Materia and all gear is accessible.


Since materia melding has not been implemented yet, I am merely going to list some materia that is useful for Botanist. Links will provide tool tips for the materia. (Elemental resistance materia is another viable option, but due to the quantity, they have been omitted from this list.)

  • Gathering: Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I, II, III, IV, V
  • Perception: Gatherer's Guile Materia I, II, III, IV, V
  • GP: Gatherer's Grasp Materia I, II, III, IV, V
  • DEX: Dexterity Materia I, II, III, IV, V
  • INT: Intelligence Materia I, II, III, IV, V

Gear Sets

Although that gear on release is not yet known, I have made some gear sets for certain levels to give you an idea of gearing, this will be updated on release once new gear/materia/etc. data is made available. Note: Even at the lower levels, equipping a scythe and performing basic gathering gear upkeep makes a world of difference in gathering success rate.

These gear sets are just targets and subject to gear availability and subject to change regarding available gear at release. Accessories, Materia and Food would be a player's choice and how close they are to the node bonuses.

Botanist Quest Information

The Botanist guild master will assign you quests asking you to log or harvest for specific items; this table shows what items is needed for the related quests.

Quest Name Lv Item Required Location
My First Hatchet 1 10x Latex Central Shroud or North Shroud
Sap for Smiles 5 50x Maple Sap North Shroud
Weapons of a Feather 10 99x Crow Feather Central Shroud
Haste Makes Waste 15 10x HQ Marjoram Central Shroud
Dressed to Harvest 20 99x Grade 1 Carbonized Matter Western La Noscea
Aromatic Aspirations 25 15x HQ Chamomile Upper La Noscea
What Nature Giveth 30 15x HQ Alligator Pear South Shroud
A Feast to Say the Least 35 20x HQ Laurel Leaves South Thanalan
Crisis of Faith 40 20x HQ Ramhorn Zucchini Eastern La Noscea
Botanist in a Bind 45 20x HQ Sprigs of Mistletoe Coerthas Central Highlands

More quests will be added, once they are made available.

Botanist Food Information

The Botanist can utilize gear and meld materia to it, but to truly perform among the best, one should never leave home without choice dishes crafted by your local culinarians. Some food is more cost-effective at lower levels, or higher levels, due to the respective stat caps. NQ food duration is 30 minutes, and HQ (I believe) is 60 minutes.

Dish Name XP Boost 1st Boost Max 2nd Boost Max
Crowned Cake +3% GP +2% 10 Gathering +4% 14
Alligator Salad +3% GP +2% 6 Perception +7% 10
Orobon Stew +3% GP +7% 16 Perception +2% 3
Jack-o'-lantern +3% Perception +8% 6 N/A N/A
Apple Tart +3% GP +2% 5 Gathering +8% 6
Tomato Pie +3% Gathering +3% 16 Perception +2% 6
Sauerkraut +3% Gathering +2% 4 Perception +6% 10
Ratatouille +3% GP +6% 19 Gathering +2% 4
Parsnip Salad +3% GP +2% 4 Perception +8% 6
Shepherd's Pie +3% Gathering +7% 8 Perception +2% 3
Mutton Stew +3% GP +8% 10 N/A N/A
Trapper's Quiche +3% Gathering +4% 14 Perception +2% 6
Stuffed Artichoke +3% Gathering +2% 5 Perception +6% 11
Beef Stew +3% GP +4% 24 Perception +2% 6
Eel Pie +3% GP +2% 6 Gathering +7% 8
Roasted Nopales +3% Gathering +2% 2 Perception +8% 6
Lentils & Chestnuts +3% GP +8% 12 Gathering +2% 2
Dzemael Gratin +3% GP +3% 26 Gathering +2% 6
Landtrap Salad +3% GP +2% 10 Perception +3% 16
Blood Currant Tart +3% GP +2% 7 Gathering +6% 10
Spinach Saute +3% Perception +3% 16 N/A N/A
Antelope Stew +3% GP +8% 14 Perception +2% 3
Zoni +3% GP +8% 10 N/A N/A
Rabbit Pie +3% Gathering +8% 6 N/A N/A

In Closing


If you feel there is missing data which would benefit this guide, please feel free to comment, thank you.

  1. Duuude Bismarck