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During your adventures in Eorzea, your skill at arms may be called upon when you least expect it—you may come upon a Full Active Time Event (FATE). Should you wish to rise to the challenge, you can participate simply by entering the fray. [1]

Joining a FATE

When you sense a FATE nearby, a message will appear on your screen, and the location will be displayed on your map. Approaching the source of the commotion, you find a band of sentries fending off ferocious raptors. The sentries are outnumbered, and are in a bad way.

You will automatically join a FATE the moment you cross the event threshold. At this time, the FATE title, objectives, and time remaining will appear in your duty list. Without a moment's hesitation, you jump to their aid. Encouraged by your lead, other adventurers begin to join the fray. The tide of battle turns.

You may join a FATE at any time, whether alone or in a party, as long as you show up before it ends.

Completing a FATE

Ravenous beasts may be trying to make a meal of travelers. Bandits may have holed up in an abandoned outpost. A gargantuan fiend may be wreaking havoc in a hamlet. Indeed, there are countless ways for adventurers to help the people of Eorzea. Together with like-minded souls, you can cooperate to achieve a common goal.

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