The Sunken Temple of Qarn

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Under the unforgiving Thanalan sun lie the ruins of an ancient temple half-devoured by the shifting sands of a timeless desert. Though used by ancient Belah’dians as a place to worship the sun goddess Azeyma, the massive underground structure appears to be far older than this Sixth Astral Era civilization. That, however, did not deter Belah’dian sultans from each adding their own chambers to the original construct in a bid to achieve immortality through creation. In the subsequent years since the fall of Belah’dia, many an adventurer has sought to explore the temple’s mysteries and perhaps return with the treasure of a lost era…only to fall victim to one of the complex traps set to prevent that very thing from happening


Location: Southern Thanalan

Minimum Level: 35

Sync Level: 37 (Party members higher than this will be level synced down)

Party Size: 4

Duration: 90 minutes

Requirements: Nedrick Ironheart will give the quest unlocking the dungeon.


Name Drops
Temple Guardian


Notable Drops

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The Sunken Temple of Qarn